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Re: G5 blade center under debian


> There's a 64-bit tftp installer image based on kernel 2.6.10 here:
> http://debian.gonicus.de/debian/dists/sarge/main/binary-powerpc/pseries.img 
> Since most installer packages are not "official" yet, you've to continue the 
> net installation by choosing the mirror manually to sound 
> "debian.gonicus.de". This mirror doesn't keep a complete mirror yet, so 
> you'll run into an error after partitioning. Choose an official mirror after 
> that, and it will continue.
> I've no idea if it works with these blades...

I just tried it on my POWER3 box. You dont happen to have
CONFIG_POWER4_ONLY enabled do you? That option enables some minor
optimisations that actually prevent booting on older boxes.


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