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Re: refresh rates of iBook G4 12"?

> > 1) What is the correct pair of Horizontal and Vertical referesh rates
> >    for this iBook? The rates in the config file is generated by the
> >    auto-config tool.
> I think they don't count anyway, since it's a flat panel. But I may be
> wrong (and would like to know it if it is the case).

The precise timing values are read from the panel EDID data for flat
panels/LCDs. IIRC it's possible to make X reject the EDID timing by using
a wrong refresh setting (at least that's what happened to me in the past,
I had to lower the href range below the default setting), so the refresh
ranges seem to get used. Modes specified in the EDID data take precedence,

Another reason for X to reject modes is exceeding the panel dimensions.


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