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Re: PowerPC desktop -- asking for trouble?


On Jan 2, 2005, at 3:06 PM, Jack Malmostoso wrote:

Ciao Gunnar von Boehn, nel tuo messaggio dicevi:

You can use these files through wine and i386 emulation.

Well actually no, since wine just translates the system calls to match a windows environment. And since Windows cannot work on ppc, you cannot use

With the help of Qemu you can run Linux i386 binaries an PPC Linux.
Qemu can run in two modes.
a) Full system emulation. You can emulate a complete machine so you can install windows
     or DOS, or Beos or what ever you want in it.
b) Linux user mode emulation. You can use it to just run i386 Linux binaries on a PPC Linux install.
     So with it you can run all program available for i386 Linux on PPC.
     With this you can run WINE on PPC too.

For a detailed description please see the qemu homepage

Qemo works great!
I have a working windows 2000 installation on my Pegasos.
But unfortunately Win2k on pegasos is quite slow.
I've use it sometimes to test some websites with IE this worked okay
but for full time everyday usage its too slow.

Could you explain me how you did that? I would be very interested.

In a  nutshell:
First you install qemu (apt-get install qemu) then you make a CD image
of you windows installer cd and you prepare a virtual hardiskfile (using dd). You start qemu and give the harddisk file as option and the cd.iso file as option. Please have a look at the qemu FAQ and how-to for more complete instructions.
Its actually quite simple.
One thing to note, the windows 2000 install takes some hours. :-).


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