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Re: Keyboard locked to uppercase

Michael Dänzer wrote:

> Sometimes, a key gets 'stuck', I don't know if this is a hardware or
> software issue. The trick is to find the key and press it again.
> Sounds like in your case it may have been fn-Shift (i.e. right
> Shift), which would be particularly tricky.

Hi Michael,

Do you know any more details about this, by any chance?  I sometimes
have this problem under X, but only with the arrow keys.  (I'm using an
iBook G3, running sid, with kernel 2.6.8.)  Occasionally I can't get the
problematic arrow key to switch off, in which case I find that switching
to a virtual console and then back to X fixes things.

An apparently related issue I see is that sometimes, when holding an
arrow key down, somewhere in the chain from hardware to software some
keypress events don't get converted properly, so I end up with some
numeric gibberish like "444444444" inserted somewhere random.  It's
completely unreproducible, unfortunately.  I'm not certain, but this may
have started happening when I switched from a 2.4 to a 2.6 kernel.

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