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Re: Keyboard locked to uppercase

On Thu, 2004-12-16 at 19:28 +0100, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
> Anyone knowing a trick how to reset a keyboard with some keystroke, or
> whatever, to its default values after it crashed?
> The keyboard here became unusable while running an X/FVWM/GTK+
> session: All keys suddenly became uppercase values when typing. I
> started this X session from a console with 
> startx -- -dpi 82 > /tmp/xlog-`date +%y-%m-%d-%H:%M` 2>&1
> Links I clicked in Firefox with the left mouse-button suddenly openend
> in a new browser window instead of opening the new page in the current
> one. 
> Pressing Caps Lock, ^D, whatever: nothing helped until I logged out
> from X and got back to the console from where I started the previous
> X: But even there everything I typed became uppercase: In this
> situatian it's even impossible to shut down the machine from the
> command line.
> What helped in the end, I believe, was pressing something like
> <fn>-Shift to get back to a usable keyboard.
> Anyone knowing how to change such a situation back to normal, without
> trial-and-error?

I'm afraid there's none. Sometimes, a key gets 'stuck', I don't know if
this is a hardware or software issue. The trick is to find the key and
press it again. Sounds like in your case it may have been fn-Shift (i.e.
right Shift), which would be particularly tricky.

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