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Dead keys and Greek (polytonic)


Just picking up on the thread about umlauts, I've been trying to get polytonic 
Greek input working on my iBook (running Sarge), but have run into the same 
dead keys problem. I'd like to change keyboard layouts using the handy KDE 
keyboard layouts tool, in order to get unicode Greek in LaTeX (Kile) and 

Now, this all works fine on various i386 Sid boxes, so the dead keys issue 
seems specific either to Sarge or to the powerpc port of xkb. Can anyone a) 
narrow this down further, b) offer suggestions for getting this working with 
the xkb setup? 

I'm less keen on hearing about workarounds: my own, esp. for LaTeX, involves 
using Yudit, but (great piece of kit that it is) it's not exactly as 
featureful as Kile :-)

There's also the related issue of macintosh-specific layouts not being offered 
by the KDE Control Centre, for which I've seen various workarounds. But the 
ideal thing to do, presumably, would be to offer further macintosh-specific 
layouts? I see the macintosh-specific subdirs in /usr/lib/X11/xkb/symbols 
(etc.), but the xkb documentation is slightly opaque. Can anyone offer any 
pointers/suggestions in pushing this forward?

Thanks for your time :-)


Ian Ruffell
Tel.: 0141 4233610
Email: ian.ruffell@dsl.pipex.com

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