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Re: Problem netbooting a prep machine

On Wed, Dec 22, 2004 at 12:13:29PM +0100, Philippe Guyot wrote:
> [snip...]
> [snip...]
> >
> > A few hexdump later....
> >
> > All seems fine in the headers I have examined.
> > Entry point offset points to smthing I believe the start of code (no
> > desassembly yet..)
> > Load image length
> > Flags ( showing big endian for the code)
> > Similar for file vmlinuz...., file  zImage from Leigh, x41 boot partition
> > of my 43P-140 (whith addition of "root=..." done whith preptools), memory
> > after loading using OF .
> I had a look on the boot partition native AIX.
> Besides the AIX logical volume control block, things are the same as described 
> in Leigh's doc : PC compatibility blok, Entry point offset, Load image length 
> and so on.
> Once loaded ("load disk"), the memory mapping is the same, flags are the same, 
> registers are ok (ppc points on entry point ). Image loaded is greater than 
> vmlinuz..... so I don't think its a size problem.
> And AIX boots, of course.
> Remembering that yaboot (ELF) loads and goes (not very fine) I have no idea 
> more.
> Just a difference/bug  in this OF whith the client interface ? Something in 
> Linux code not accepted here ?
> Should it be this strange thing: RSPC between PReP and CHRP ?
> >
> > I am wondering if I could be able to write a little piece of code for
> > testing if it could be load-and-go'ed but I have no experience of that. May
> > I use some makefile or equivalent ?
> That seems  rather difficult for me but I am searching.

Notice that i heard rumors that some PReP boxes are not able to boot kernels
(including initrd) bigger than 4MB. Could you try the netboot-small kernel (it
will nto work, probably, but it should boot).


Sven Luther

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