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Re: Problem netbooting a prep machine


> A few hexdump later....
> All seems fine in the headers I have examined.
> Entry point offset points to smthing I believe the start of code (no
> desassembly yet..)
> Load image length
> Flags ( showing big endian for the code)
> Similar for file vmlinuz...., file  zImage from Leigh, x41 boot partition
> of my 43P-140 (whith addition of "root=..." done whith preptools), memory
> after loading using OF .

I had a look on the boot partition native AIX.

Besides the AIX logical volume control block, things are the same as described 
in Leigh's doc : PC compatibility blok, Entry point offset, Load image length 
and so on.

Once loaded ("load disk"), the memory mapping is the same, flags are the same, 
registers are ok (ppc points on entry point ). Image loaded is greater than 
vmlinuz..... so I don't think its a size problem.

And AIX boots, of course.

Remembering that yaboot (ELF) loads and goes (not very fine) I have no idea 
Just a difference/bug  in this OF whith the client interface ? Something in 
Linux code not accepted here ?
Should it be this strange thing: RSPC between PReP and CHRP ?

> I am wondering if I could be able to write a little piece of code for
> testing if it could be load-and-go'ed but I have no experience of that. May
> I use some makefile or equivalent ?

That seems  rather difficult for me but I am searching.


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