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Re: Problem netbooting a prep machine

Sven Luther said:
> On Mon, Dec 20, 2004 at 05:38:27PM +0100, Philippe Guyot wrote:
>> On Monday 20 December 2004 15:57, Philippe Guyot wrote:
>> > I agree, seen by dumping the 1rst sector of chrp ELF image.
>> > BTW netboot prep image is not an ELF ??
>> In my research, I was looking at the vmlinuz.chrp, specially the ELF
>> header
>> and the note.
>> I saw that in this header, real mode is true, real-base is c00000,
>> real-size
>> is default, virtual base is default,virtual size is default,load-base is
>> 4000.
>> Which is inconsistent with my environment variables.
>> Is there something like this for vmlinuz.prep ?? (Hadn't seen anything
>> like in the header) .
> No idea really, my prep knowledge is rather fragmentary.

Chapter 5 of the document below describes the PReP boot format, which is
the same for disk and netboot loading:


There is nothing in the format that supports controlling where the
image is loaded, as far as I know.



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