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weird console cursor behaviour && console, gpm, and kernel 2.6.9


I noticed some things about the console cursor behaviour 
that looked weird to me.

- When I boot up the system the cursor looks slow. What I 
  mean is that when I use the directional keys (<-, ->, 
  ...) the speed at which the cursor change position looks 

  But after the first time I start the X server, once I go 
  back to the console, the cursor seems to get a lot 
  Is there any way to make it go fast since the beginning?

- If I open a program such as alsamixer or mutt, I switch 
  to the X server and I go back to the console, then the 
  cursor disappears from the other terminals (the ones I 
  use, for example, for bash or vim) and reappears once 
  again after I quit that program.

  I don't know if it's relevant but I usually run these 
  kind of programs inside of `screen'.

- On my iBook, if I have the caps lock turned on and I 
  accidentally switch to the X server, then capitalization 
  get messed up. (Who said "capitalism" works for all? :D)

  What I mean is that in the X server, even if the caps 
  lock was turned on while in console, keys aren't 
  capitalized and if I turn the caps lock off while in the 
  X server, they aren't capitalized in console no more.

  In order to try to change the situation back I usually 
  switch to the console and back over and over again 
  pressing the caps lock key randomly.

  Is there a way to prevent the capitalization to get 
  messed up?

- If I boot up the system with a 2.6.9 Linux kernel, the 
  console seems to run at 16 colors and the characters I 
  pass on with the gpm mouse cursor disappear instead of 
  getting hilighted.

  Is there a way to configure the kernel in such a way 
  that those characters don't disappear?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.
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