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Re: USB wireless 802.11g dongle

On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 11:31:00AM +0100, Julien PERVILLE wrote:
> Le mercredi 08 décembre 2004 à 10:07 +0100, Jack Malmostoso a écrit :
> > 1) It is based on a ZyDAS chipset (zd1211, incredible uh!), and looking at
> > the logo I think those people are closely connected to ZyXEL.
> correct. from src/zdusb.c :
> /* table of devices that work with this driver */
> static struct usb_device_id zd1211_ids [] = {

Edimax EW-7317Ug has the same chip:

climent@saeth:~/drivers/Driver$ strings ZD11U2K.sys | grep -i 1211
BFD: ZD11U2K.sys (.text): Section flag IMAGE_SCN_MEM_NOT_PAGED (0x8000000)
ZyDAS ZD1211 wireless lan Adapter

Taken from the driver downloaded from the edimax web page.

I actually had my hands on one of those, but it was the week after it was
released, and since i could not find any info from the net and not a single
reference on linux support i returned. I just added myself on the long waiting
queue to get a new one (and pick it up once is supported :). The price is 35e
so i guess is really cheap.


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