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Re: Debian or Ubantu

Debian on the other hand may be more complicated than I want. I wasn't [too]
encouraged when X took serious tweaking to get it to boot up.

The main advantage for going "straight" Debian is when you need
something that's not supported by the Ubuntu distro, and/or you are
running a platform not supported by it. Ubuntu is limited to i386,
"new-world" PPC and AMD64, whereas it seems like there's a Debian for
just about everything.
commercial distributions feed the masses, debian is by the
people for the people. so if your running linux on <insert
more obscure or outdated hardware here> then other like
minded users (and possibly yourself) are maintaining things
for the hardware because they/you use it. that or a nice
package maintainer is cross compiling, which is just fine
and dandy as well ;)

you may also find crux usefull, especially if your machine
will be filling a server roll. but, as ive mentioned many
times before - im very bsd = servers , linux = workstations
kind of man.


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