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Debian or Ubantu

Hardware: Powerbook G3 Pismo 256MB/40GB

Usage: Personal home server - light Web, FTP, possibly mail, WebDAV etc..

Requirements:  (Not in order) Hardware compatibility,  Ease of use and
  installation, variety of software, active community, lots of help

  I've been experimenting with different PPC compatible Linuxes (Linuxi?).
I'm not a complete newbie but I'm not an expert either. I could not get
Mandrake installed, I was succesful with Gentoo but what a pain, YDL 4.0
only came out today but beta testers haven't seemed to happy. Debian
installed fairly easy, still have some minor issues with Gnome and X though.
By comparison Ubuntu was a breeze. Insert CD and done. Pretty simple.

I am slightly concerned that Ubuntu is too easy and may lack the
capabilities for what I want to do, which I admit probably isn't all that
complicated. Its newness also has me a little worried.

Debian on the other hand may be more complicated than I want. I wasn't to
encouraged when X took serious tweaking to get it to boot up.

So what do folks here recommend? What advantages and disadvantages would
have with going with one distro over the other?


- Thomas

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