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Re: Linux in MoL in Linux, who did it!

Le ven 05/11/2004 à 19:32, Julien PERVILLE a écrit :
> do you have any experience successfuly (as in far enough to boot the
> kernel) running Linux inside Mol inside linux? 

> i've been looking for info all day, but i can't find any good info, as
> if everyone knew it was possible to do that in theory (molrc.linux,
> startmol --linux). everyone takes it for granted, no one ever tried it.
> they just trust the man page. i looked into the sources, looked into the
> site, i only find a "linux on mac" directory on the ftp with a config
> file and a kernel, 2 year old).

but i found how to boot finaly, by myself.

in /usr/share/mol/0.9.70/oftrees

i swapped

oftree.linux with the old version : oftree.linux.old

this time i boot the debian 3.0 installer disk, my disk is seen.

don't have keyboard working yet but it will come
i'll report my success here in a few hours.


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