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Re: Linux in MoL in Linux, who did it!

Le ven 05/11/2004 à 19:45, Domingo Fiesta Segura a écrit :
> On Fri, 05 Nov 2004 19:32:32 +0100
> Julien PERVILLE <julien.perville@free.fr> wrote:
> > do you have any experience successfuly (as in far enough to boot the
> > kernel) running Linux inside Mol inside linux? 
> > 
> > i'd like to have a VM to do testing in, without risking to trash my own
> > system (looking after a strange bug in old glibc on debian 3 especially,
> > upgrading to testing is no option).
> Wouldn't it be better to go for User Mode Linux?

my plan is to run an old debian 3 inside.

i checked the alternatives. UML is x86 only (there was a ppc port long
ago but it is not maintenained for a while).

i plan to run a 2.4 kernel inside. not 2.6. i use 2.6 on this system
right now. what i want to run is a system as close as possible as an old
debian stable.

mol runs under 2.6 right now and makes OSX work fine. but what i'm
looking is to use it as a VM.

alternatives :

UML : not maintenained, never got far enough to be usable
qemu : slow and not working very well for the ppc emulator
mol (if linux mode worked) would be perfect

i don't even know if anyone ever managed to boot linux on linux with
mol. the site and docs just say it can be done, but i never ever seen
anyone make it. people ask for help, no one has a solution

i don't mind tweaking the code btw!

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