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Linux in MoL in Linux, who did it!

do you have any experience successfuly (as in far enough to boot the
kernel) running Linux inside Mol inside linux? 

i'd like to have a VM to do testing in, without risking to trash my own
system (looking after a strange bug in old glibc on debian 3 especially,
upgrading to testing is no option).

i've been looking for info all day, but i can't find any good info, as
if everyone knew it was possible to do that in theory (molrc.linux,
startmol --linux). everyone takes it for granted, no one ever tried it.
they just trust the man page. i looked into the sources, looked into the
site, i only find a "linux on mac" directory on the ftp with a config
file and a kernel, 2 year old).

I've seen no report of anyone doing it.

for moment, i manage to boot yaboot, but it won't find any exported
device. looking for the yaboot error message returns no match at all.

the yaboot message is "Can't read boot blocks"

on the terminal, mol spites error messages...

>> Mac-on-Linux OpenFirmware 0.9.12
>> prom_change_phandle returned an error
>> Loading 'yaboot' from 'pseudo-fs'
>> Starting ELF boot loader
>> of_interpret 'hex : D2NIP decode-int nip nip '
>> of_interpret ' " /chosen" find-package if dup'
>> of_interpret ': ^mem mem# $CM ; : ^mmu mmu# $'
>> of_interpret '" _screen-ihandle" $find if exe'
>> of_open </mol/pseudo-disk/disk@0:0>
>> * of_call_method: cmd 'block-size' ih: 000B0007[11] (0/1) Args:
>> [/mol/pseudo-disk/disk@*]
>> * of_call_method: cmd 'block-size' ih: 000B0007[11] (0/1) Args:
>> [/mol/pseudo-disk/disk@*]
>> * of_call_method: cmd 'seek' ih: 000B0007[11] (2/1) Args:  00000000
>> [/mol/pseudo-disk/disk@*]

i can't find anything about " prom_change_phandle " in the source
either. it is defined in a binary that has no source for it in mollib.

i recompiled yaboot with debugging. it tries to open a device in
/mol/pseudo-disk/disk@0:yaboot.conf , and manages to read the config
file. but then it never maps my partitions/disks and never manages to
find any kernel image to boot. i have no idea what yaboot reads for
config file. i just know if the file i define in molrc.linux for
yaboot.conf to non existing, yaboot won't even load.


anyone ever managed to boot a linux kernel inside mol ?

if you did succeed, then please help me !


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