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Re: Some help needed!

Isidoro Reyes de Zuloaga wrote:

> Hi folks!
> First of all, i just want to say hi, 'cause I am new in this list.
> Maybe you can helpme, I'm really bored with this trouble. I'm using a
> debian-ppc (sid, of course). I'm trying to develop my aplications using
> java, servlets and mysql.
> The first problem is with the orion server (www.orionserver.com), i've
> been using it in x86 but it goes to a core dump when I run it on
> linux-ppc. I'm using the IBM jdk, and algo i've tried with the blackport
> jdk. Does anyone how to solve it???
> Thanks a lot in advance, and sorry, because my english is not very good.
> isidoro

I tried it and it took five minutes to run.
First I have the IBM SDK 1.4.2SR1 installed.
The I followed the install guide.
copied the tools.jar to the orion folder
and run this as root : java -jar orion.jar -install
then java -jar orion.jar 
then with browser to http://localhost/ I got:

Orion Application Server 2.0.2 - Up and running

So try again it works and read the install manual.

Bye chris.

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