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problem installing linux on an IBM RS6000 44P-170 machine

Hi there,

I have been working on this machine for more than a
week but still not
able to install linux on it.
I can either boot from network using tftp or from the
floppy, both using
the Suse zImage.chrp-power3 image. But when the kernel
loads, it looks
like using frame buffer and showing me a graphical
penguin logo which
unfortunately make the whole display a mess thus I
could hardly see
anything. I tried to several ways to disable the
framebuffer but none
worked. I tried something like this
0>boot floppy:,\zImage root=/dev/cdrom vga=off
Can anyone confirm that this is a framebuffer issue?
Is there a way to turn it off?
By the way, the video card is GXT4000P which doesn't
seems to support

Thank you very much.
Shi Jin

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