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Re: powerbook fan behaviour, therm_adt7467

> > I've never seen the remote2 temp reach anything beyond 50 IIRC. No
> > danger of shutting down there. I've in fact reduced both CPU and 'GPU'
> > limit to 50 in my version of the module. Even honoring your intention
> > to keep the code stupid :-) , I think we need to check OF data on
> > sensor and fan locations to pick the right strategy for the
> > thermostat. My current hack to start both fans together is ugly as
> > hell, otherwise I'd have sent a patch already ...
> Maybe we could do that, yes... I'd have to let you do it as I don't have
> a powerbook handy. Switch both fans if the 'gpu' sensor is in fact not
> near the GPU, leave as is otherwise... Or something like that.

OK; I'll look into that. We do already have three different setups:

- iBook: fans for CPU and GPU each
- PB 12": one main exhaust fan
- PB 17": two separate exhaust fans

so things might get a bit messy.

> > How can I get the temperature readings in MacOS X?
> No idea, I just looked in the source to get the right values when I
> first implemented the driver. my iBook did never boot OS X :)

:-( But if MacOS also uses a simple two-step thermostat we should be fine.


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