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OF Patching on 8500


I've got an PowerPC 8500 which quite happily runs debianppc.

When I first got this box I tried to stick YDL on it as one
of my mates had a copy of the disks, my original intention
was to run MacOS and YDL side by side while I found out a
bit more about Linux on the PPC, unfortunately YDL decided
to mess up on install and own the whole box. After alot of
googling and messing about I finally got debian on the box.
(It was always my intention to run with debian and I now
curse placing those YDL disks anywhere near the box ;) )

My problem is that I have never been able to see the OF
screen, from what I've read I need to patch the OF and then
use nvsetenv to change the output device to /chaos/control,
currently when I change to /chaos/control I get a flickery
screen. I've read that this is caused by the monitor
not having enough time to sync up properly but that the
patch will fix this issue.

I've read about how to patch the OF, however all the
instructions require you to use MacOS. I know that it is
possible to get a MacOS boot disk to allow you to do the
patching but then I read that you need to make the boot disk
from within MacOS. See:

I don't have access to any machines running MacOS that have
floppy drives. Does anyone know if it is possible to either
apply the OF patch from within a Linux session (I've
searched the archives on this but was unable to find an
answer, though I did find the question asked a few times) or
if you are able to make the boot disk using dd etc?

Gavin Sandie

public pgp key: http://q3a.co.uk/pgp.key

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