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Re: Test patch for sleep on Aluminium PowerBooks

On 27 Oct 2004 at 20h10, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:


> Well, I'd suggest not running that kernel until paul's signal fix gets
> in, there is a FP register corruption in there... There are other issues
> with 2.6.10 currently, so it's not really a good kernel to play with for
> now.

Ah, I'm glad to hear that the problem is identified. It is waaaay too much
beyond my abilities to fix it myself :-)

> I'm surprised by your backlight problems. I've simplified the backlight
> & blanking code a bit, it should be better now instead of worse ... Can
> you tweak around maybe and tell me if you find a precise register bit
> that I'm not toggling properly ?
> (Use my 2.6.9 sleep patch to get the up-to-date radeonfb).

I'll do. I hope I'll be able to find time to do it quickly...

I did read the patch using all my concentration, but couldn't spot a related

I'd like to give you an ssh account on my ibook so you can test sleep on it,
but as I'm not near it anytime during the work hours, it wouldn't be of much
help to you with no ability to wake it up back :)


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