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Re: powerbook fan behaviour, therm_adt7467

> > I'd like to keep it simple stupid. If you want a stepping, you'll end up
> > with a lot of code to handle hysteresis - which is, don't slow down the
> > fan as soon as the temp is going under one limit (or the other way) or
> > your fan will change speed every two seconds. Which is very
> > annoying to hear...
> hmm, see, personally I find it more annoying to have no fan at all because I'm
> just reading mail or writing some absolutely crazy ocaml code while heat
> gradually builds up. then suddenly, out of nowhere, the fan kicks in really
> loud.
> the only choice right now is to set the fan_speed to a lower value, however in
> that case it becomes more likely to reach lim+8 rather quickly and then the
> fan reeaally kicks in...

I've tried setting the fan speed to anything around 60 to 90, limit
to 45 deg. while banging on the X server and the fan switches to full
speed every couple of minutes. With not doing a lot beyond editing or
reading mail, that should never happen.

> I'd just like some more configuration options so that I can decide on my own
> what's annoying and what's not...
> but it's right, the module basically does its job pretty well, it's just the
> stepping that I miss...
> therefore I've slightly modified it to make it more configurable (patch
> against 2.6.9 attached)
> 1) you get 3 new parameters:
> limit_override: like limit_adjust, but sets the temperature at which we force
> full speed
> fan_step: the step in fan speed that we want to have
> step_degrees: the temperature step after which we increase the fan_speed by
> fan_step.

I'll give it a try.


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