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Re: Brightness control on PowerBook G4 1.33GHz, 12", GeForce FX Go5200

On Wed, Oct 27, 2004 at 12:01:50AM +0200, Joerg Maier wrote:
> > next thing i will do is try the of patch for brightness control. if
> > anybody got brightness control on a  12" g4 with my vga controller it
> > would be very nice to see the kernel param as well as the .config file
> > if it is special in any way (and the patches applied to make all that
> > possible as well).
> how smart is that, brightness control works fine for me now with open 
> firmware framebuffer device. i used the patch send in thread 
> 'best config file for powerbook 12" ...'
> i hope this will go into mainline kernel in future.
I hope it won't. The brightness adjustment is not optimal (BenH said
that it might even damage the hardware) and it really belongs into
rivafb, where it has already been merged, has the correct brightness
values and gives you fullscreen mol, although that currently has some
problems ;) Offb is limited to 8bpp, btw.
Rivafb works quiet well on NV17 now, it still has problems on NV30
 -- Guido

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