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Re: powerbook fan behaviour, therm_adt7467


> I think I'll send this. It doesn't add any parameter, but makes the fan
> speed change gradual (from specified fan speed, which is now 64 by
> default, to 255, by increments of (255-fan_speed) / 7.

yes, from my point of view this would also be a good improvement. Anyways, I'd 
still prefer the version with the extra parameters because
1) the driver would be much more flexible, maybe some users liked the 
two-stepped behaviour for example.
2) flexibility is an issue since this thermostat gets used in quite many 
different models of powerbooks and ibooks, different clock rates, different 
dimensions and therefore a different speed of heat buildup. also different 
users have different opinions about their favorite settings.
3) most users like parameters to custom-tailor their configuration :-)

I'd suggest putting the extra parameters in so that users can tweak them but 
making your suggestion of a fan starting speed of 64 and a step of, say, 27 
the default, keeping the override limit at 8 just like in the original 

> Hysteresis control is done simply by changing fan speed if the variation
> since last speed change is greater than two degrees. What do you think?

this should definitely work, it's quite similar to the way I did (altough I 
just checked when throttling down) and I've tested this method the whole 
evening, doing "characteristic" work and did not encounter any annoying fan 
activity so far...

Maybe it would be interesting what other users think about the parameters vs. 
no-parameters question?

georg kaindl

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