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Re: Powerbook G3 "Pismo" Keyboard

On Wed, Oct 20, 2004 at 04:47:11PM +0200, Pablo Gil wrote:
> Thanks for answering
> The problem is that showkey doesn't give any key when I press the apple
> button at all, so I can't bind it to the right button...
> I also tried putting in sysct.conf the f11 and f12 keycodes (the ones
> showkey gave me) but the menu keeps on popping out when I press fn +
> Alt...
> I also forgot to ask for the accents (as in camión, for example), I need
> a spanish keyboard and i have the ñ, but i can't put accents on words...
> (now I'm writing from another computer that does have them)

My Pismo has a spanish keyboard and it works quite well, but I have 
slightly modified the keymaps to suit my taste (I also need to type 
french). Do you want them through private e-mail?

In my setup:
- mouse button 2 is Fn+Control,
- mouse button 3 is Fn+Alt,
- 3rd/4th characters of a key are accessed with the Alt key, because
there are 2 on the Pismo keyboard and I use them heavily. Newer Apple
laptops have only one Alt and two Apple keys. I shall see what I prefer
whenever I get a new laptop, but it going to be a while, but I suspect
that I shall remap the almost useless KP return key as an additional 
Alt Key.
- X now only messes up one key, the Keypad Equal that has the same
X keycode as one of the cursor keys. It is fixed upstream, but not
yet in the official distibution. I don't really care for _that_ key.
(It also mixes up some keys of the top row of my Apple keyboard,
F13-F15, the Volume Control and Eject keys).


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