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Re: Powerbook G3 "Pismo" Keyboard

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Pablo Gil wrote:

| Hi, I'm trying to make Debian work correctly on mi laptop but I've
| encountered some problems. The first one involves the keyboard.
| I need the mouse right button emulation but I can't have it in a
| proper way. I want it to be in the "apple" button, whose keycode is
| 115 (or at leats that's what xev shows...). This is my sysctl.con
| file:  dev.mac_hid.mouse_button_emulation=1
| dev.mac_hid.mouse_button2_keycode=115
| And dmseg shows that It's interpreted in the correct way. There's
| no menu popping out when I press the apple button. And before i
| wrote those lines I had to press fn+Alt(L or R) to get AltGr. But
| now I've lost my AltGr cos the menu appears with this key
| combination.
| So the apple button remains unused, the menu appears with the wrong
| key combination pressed and I've lost my AltGr. By the way, when I
| execute xev it shows that Alt_R and Alt_L have the same keycode, so
| they are the same key!
| I would really appreciate if one of you could help me handling
| this. What I intended is to have the mouse right emulation in the
| apple button to keep one of the Alts untouched and to have the
| AltGr in the other one (the right one, for example...)
| I've been hanging around with xmodmap, pbuttonsd, sysctl.conf and
| so on... but I can't have this working...
u can use mouseemu and set the correct keycode (125) for the right
mouse button, don't use sysctl.conf, mouseemu should also simulate a
scrolling wheel, but i couldn't get it to work.

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