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Re: Powerbook G3 "Pismo" Keyboard

Thanks for answering

The problem is that showkey doesn't give any key when I press the apple
button at all, so I can't bind it to the right button...

I also tried putting in sysct.conf the f11 and f12 keycodes (the ones
showkey gave me) but the menu keeps on popping out when I press fn +

I also forgot to ask for the accents (as in camión, for example), I need
a spanish keyboard and i have the ñ, but i can't put accents on words...
(now I'm writing from another computer that does have them)

> You have to use linux keycodes not X keycodes (they are different). The
> linux keycode for the Apple Key on my PowerBook is 125 (0x7d).
> To find the correct linux keycodes use "showkey" in a virtual console
> (not X!).
> Gaudenz
Pablo Gil <lakesis@rastafurbi.org>

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