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Powerbook G3 "Pismo" Keyboard

Hi, I'm trying to make Debian work correctly on mi laptop but I've
encountered some problems. The first one involves the keyboard.

I need the mouse right button emulation but I can't have it in a proper
way. I want it to be in the "apple" button, whose keycode is 115 (or at
leats that's what xev shows...).
This is my sysctl.con file:

And dmseg shows that It's interpreted in the correct way. There's no
menu popping out when I press the apple button. And before i wrote those
lines I had to press fn+Alt(L or R) to get AltGr.
But now I've lost my AltGr cos the menu appears with this key

So the apple button remains unused, the menu appears with the wrong key
combination pressed and I've lost my AltGr. By the way, when I execute
xev it shows that Alt_R and Alt_L have the same keycode, so they are the
same key!

I would really appreciate if one of you could help me handling this.
What I intended is to have the mouse right emulation in the apple button
to keep one of the Alts untouched and to have the AltGr in the other one
(the right one, for example...)

I've been hanging around with xmodmap, pbuttonsd, sysctl.conf and so
on... but I can't have this working...

Thanks for your help
Pablo Gil <lakesis@rastafurbi.org>

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