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Re: Drivers/partitiontable on hard drives...

On Sun, Oct 17, 2004 at 05:37:55PM +0200, Marc wrote:
> I tested the 3,5" in my G3/266.  When I did pdisk, I saw there were
> a lot/too much drivers on it, the hfs parttition was hfs9 or so.
> (it looked like drivers were 2 times present)

That's not unusual. Some versions of the Apple disk utilities will
dump every possible driver on a disk, just in case you move it
around. The situation is made more complicated by the various target
modes. For example, an IDE disk in a wallstreet pb could be a SCSI
disk if you mount it in SCSI target mode. Many firewire models support
fw target disk mode, where the internal IDE disk shows up as a fw
drive. Having two partitions that look like they are the same isn't
odd either. Apple had to split up some of their drivers into extra
partitions for various reasons. If you look at the extra flag bits
(which I don't think mac-fdisk/pdisk can show anyway) you will see
that one of them loads first, and the other is chained to it.

> I installed debian on a pb5300cs with success. (on external scsi 
> disk...)
> The only thing I need to do is somewhere delete the contents of the
> new-powermac folder and replace it with the contents of the powermac
> folder.  That's because the installer sees the 5300cs as a 
> it is definitely not....

>From what I understand, the 5300cs is a nubus model. Because of that,
it's not really a true oldworld model either. I didn't think the
debian installer supported nubus models, but apparently it at least
mostly works...

	Brad Boyer

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