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Drivers/partitiontable on hard drives...

A friend of mine brought 2 faulty hds, one 60Gb 3,5", one 40gb 2,5".

I tested the 3,5" in my G3/266.  When I did pdisk, I saw there were
a lot/too much drivers on it, the hfs parttition was hfs9 or so.
(it looked like drivers were 2 times present)

I thought I've read about problems with the os9 drivers?

My friend was only using  os x for some weeks or so,
when he found the whole disk was corrupt.
The file sizes were too small.  The disk was slave.

I've put the 2,5 inch in my pb5300 and am
installing debian on it...
I also see one driver that shouldn't be there,
cause the apple hd partition tool does not throw
away them all??

(I already had a debian on scsi external).

I see that in ydl (g3/266) pdisk can delete all
drivers on a disk, while debian installer does not
allow that...

I will repeat a remark on installing linux on pb5300 here:
I installed debian on a pb5300cs with success. (on external scsi disk...)
The only thing I need to do is somewhere delete the contents of the
new-powermac folder and replace it with the contents of the powermac
folder. That's because the installer sees the 5300cs as a NEW-POWERMAC, where
it is definitely not....

Would eg YDL have the same problem??
I can't install y-DOG-l (I only have 32Mb ram but it works
with Baviaan°-linux)...


°Baviaan = dutch for baboon

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