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guidance needed - starting a browser, other items

I have successfully completed a scratch installed of debian 3.0 rev2
"woody" on an iMac G3. After I boot the PC I get a debian text prompt.
 I have a few questions, any help is appreciated.

- I am getting a "I cannot start the X server" error right away after
the boot.  When I take the troubleshooting option it tells me I have
an old version installed.  I installed from a set of CD I just
received from www.agileos.com.  So I figure I need web access to
download the latest version.

- how do I get into a graphical environment?  

- how do I config this PC for the internet?  I skipped the internet
config steps when I did the install. I want to run some sort of a
graphical browser.

thanks for any assistance,


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