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Re: GnomeMeeting or Ohphone in Oldworld Wallstreet

On Thu, 14 Oct 2004 14:42:30 -0300, Mauricio Hernandez Z. wrote:

> AFAIK, sound cards even in Oldworlds should be Full Duplex and therefore work
> with no problems in GnomeMeeting or Ohphone.
> Well, the sound card in my PowerBook  is not working for those applications.
> Even as root I get the same maessage..."Check the soundcard is FullDuplex".
> I was using dma_sound but now I am just using ALSA (snd_powermac?) and not
> OSS.
> Has anyone used GnomeMeeting (using voice, I mean) in Wallstreets (oldworld)??
> What did  you do to make it work?

I don't know about Oldworlds, but here on a PowerBook G4, gnomemeeting
works fine. Only drawback is that more than half the codecs are broken.
The only ones working are GSM and the two G7.11 codecs.


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