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GnomeMeeting or Ohphone in Oldworld Wallstreet

Hello everyone.

AFAIK, sound cards even in Oldworlds should be Full Duplex and therefore work
with no problems in GnomeMeeting or Ohphone.

Well, the sound card in my PowerBook  is not working for those applications.
Even as root I get the same maessage..."Check the soundcard is FullDuplex".

I was using dma_sound but now I am just using ALSA (snd_powermac?) and not

Has anyone used GnomeMeeting (using voice, I mean) in Wallstreets (oldworld)??
What did  you do to make it work?


BTW: I can use, 2.4.27, or 2.4.18 to try.

Mauricio Hernandez Z.
Director de Servicios


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