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Re: 2nd monitor output

peter plessas wrote:

Dear List,

i just joined the list, and i must say that i started using deb-powerpc 1/2year ago. By now it became my fav OS on my G3 pismo powerbook. Until now i was using debian on i386.

i have to give a talk on my favorite programming language (pure-data) in november, and i should have my second monitor (vga) output working by that time.

i fond some resources on the net, but i am still not sure how to accomplish that task.

1.) do i have to use a ben herrenschmidt kernel to get it working?

2.) how do i have to change my XF86Config?

It should work with a few changes, but when u use dual monitor the screen on the laptop keeps flikering.... it's a frame buffer problem (radeon card).

3.) do i need any additional modules?

Don't know which video card u have, nvidia or radeon... follow this howto if u need vga output on a radeon card:

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