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Re: Powerbook G3 and linux - boot CD problem

On (05/10/04 14:36), Mariusz Antonik wrote:
> Thank you for some information.
> > Hi Mariusz
> >
> > You could try booting whilst holding down cmd+opt+shift+delete - tells
> > your Mac to skip the first bootable device.  If holding down C doesn't
> > do it.
> >
> > Is it new world or old world? If is one of these:
> > PowerBook G3 FireWire Pismo (2000)              powermac-NewWorld
> > PowerBook G3 Lombard (1999)                     powermac-NewWorld
> >
> > it's new world
> Where I can find this information . Everything what I see on it is acintosh 
> PowerBook G3 on the botom of monitor and Power PC on the top
> On the back I have 
> Macintosh powerBook G3 Series.
> and I find a family number M4753
Jens responded earlier saying that this is a "Wallstreet" (OldWorld)

A quick google search on: apple power book M4753   confirms this.

One of the google results points to:

...a french page about installing Linux on this particular machine.



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