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Powerbook G3 and linux - boot CD problem

I have PowerBook G3 300Mhz ,Family Number m4753.
I try run a linux on that laptop. I took Knoppix ppc, Mandrake PPC, and debian 
sarga. I have one common problem - I can't start from CD - I don't have any 
idea about mac, somebody give me it some days ago.
I found that suppostu start when I keep "C" - but not.
Finaly I run BootX whith I took from Internet. Those BootX what I found on the 
CDs doesn't run. I run Bootx with kernel 2.4.20 from knopix but on that 
moment it crash during start up:
vfs cannot open root device or 16:01
please append a correct "root=" boot option
kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs  on 16:01

When I try use this file what is on the KNOPPIX CD in BootX to set as kernet 
it is not active.
Please help me run linux on that MAC
Thanks for any idea.

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