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Re: iBook G4 + pmdisk + pmud

> 1. When I resume, the clock is set to the time I suspended at.  Is there
> a fix for this?  I know this is because the image that is saved to swap

Not that I know of. Doing this in-kernel might be difficult because you'd
need to reset the time-of-day clock while leaving the scheduling timer
('jiffies') unchanged to avoid timeout problems. Now what do you set the
time-of-day clock to, exactly ?? Between saving the old time (before
loading the suspend image) and restoring it (after restoring the system
from the loaded image), how many clock ticks have passed?

> contains the Linux system time and on resume that time gets put back
> rather than read in from the computer's clock.  I was thinking you could
> tell the time to save to the computer's clock just before suspend and
> then grab that from the computer after resume.

You can save the current date and time to the hardware clock chip before
suspend, and reset it from the hardware clock after resume. That's what
I'm going to do... A simple /etc/init.d/hwclock.sh stop (before suspend)
and ..hwclock.sh start (after resume) should do. I'd even leave out the
hwclock stop if your hwclock is more accurate than the system clock.


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