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iBook G4 + pmdisk + pmud

Thanks to all the people in #gnome-hackers and on this list that helped
me get this working.  I'm emailing to report success on this platform
after turning off DRI in X.  There are a few quirks that I would like to
ask about:

1. When I resume, the clock is set to the time I suspended at.  Is there
a fix for this?  I know this is because the image that is saved to swap
contains the Linux system time and on resume that time gets put back
rather than read in from the computer's clock.  I was thinking you could
tell the time to save to the computer's clock just before suspend and
then grab that from the computer after resume.

2. I've had some issues with Alsa and Esound on resume (like sounds no
playing).  Is this a known issue?  Is there a workaround?

3. Have any of you guys tried swsusp2 on PPC?  How well does it work,
and what advantages does it have over pmdisk?

Thanks in advance!

Bryan Forbes

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