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Re: iBook G4 + pmdisk + pmud

On Wed, Sep 15, 2004 at 10:02:57AM -0500, Bryan Forbes wrote:
> 1. When I resume, the clock is set to the time I suspended at.  Is there
> a fix for this?  I know this is because the image that is saved to swap
> contains the Linux system time and on resume that time gets put back
> rather than read in from the computer's clock.  I was thinking you could
> tell the time to save to the computer's clock just before suspend and
> then grab that from the computer after resume.
Have a look at:
especially the hwclock part.

> 2. I've had some issues with Alsa and Esound on resume (like sounds no
> playing).  Is this a known issue?  Is there a workaround?
Make esound release the sound/mixer device on suspend, so you can safely
resume. There's another bug where 'headphone detection' doesn't work
right after suspend and you have to unload the snd_powermac module once.
It's very infrequent, so I didn't bother to look into this.
 -- Guido

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