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Re: Powerbook G4 1.33 GHz CPU temperature

> > > Nope, have you hard-wired the PLL value like I do for other laptops ?
> >
> > Nope, the OF data are used to set up the PLL. Even feeding it utter
> > bullshit for SCLK and MCLK does nothing at all to change the picture.
> Wait ... you are talking about console flickering or X flickering ? If

console - X is fine until I switch to console and back.

> X, do you have "UseFBDev" ? If you do, does you radeonfb has the tweak
> to use a hard coded pixel clock PLL value like for other laptops ?
> (And this will be fixed sooner or later in X :)

No, and no. Where's that fix? On that topic: do you publish your bk
repository directly, or should I keep pulling from Linus' tree? (Last
Friday, that one was broken due to DaveM's networking updates :-() What bk
tree would you like to take diffs for?

> > According to OF, the sensors are CPU bottomside and CPU/Intrepid
> > bottomside. No mention of GPU - is that close to Intrepid? Are the OF
> > comments bogus?
> Difficult to say, each machine has the min a different location, the
> driver was written with "gpu" in mind, oh well...

Maybe time to be more specific WRT sensor and fan location in the driver.

> > FYI: lowering the GPU limit to 50 makes the right exhaust fan come on as
> > expected. No ideas how that affects stability yet.
> No clue yet neither. We checked with anton on his laptop, the temperatures
> read don't seem to be _that_ high and it still locks up ...
> Did it always lockup or is that new ? I wonder if there could be a different
> issue like a bug in 2.6.9-bk* or so, maybe HIGHMEM related (I don't have

Seems to lock up more reliably in 2.8.9-bk indeed. I have HIGHMEM off (or
pmdisk wouldn't work). The thermostat fix was only tested on 2.6.8 though.
Need to repeat that with 2.6.9 now.

I've run a full x11perf with no lock up. No idea how else to trigger the
lock (seems to be related with fast scrolling in either xterm or mozilla).

> highmem on my box, I hacked my yaboot to be able to load kernels that have
> KERNEL_BASE & TASK_SIZE set to 2Gb so I can have up to 1.5Gb or RAM or so
> without HIGHMEM :)

Lucky duck. I need to upgrade RAM before that is an issue :-)


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