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Re: 2.6.8 kernel issues

At Fri, 17 Sep 2004 08:42:44 +0200,
Christoph Hellwig <hch@lst.de> wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 16, 2004 at 10:23:18PM -0400, Bradley M Alexander wrote:
> > The other thing is that I seem to have lost my consoles. I tried to 
> > ctrl-alt-f1, and the screen was a partial ghost image of the gdm login, and I 
> > couldn't get back to the gdm login.
> > 
> > Did I miss something on the kernel config?
> Is this a self-build kernel or a kernel-image from Debian?  It looks
> like you're missing a framebuffer driver, what does "cat /proc/fb" from
> a xterm say?

   I've been trying to solve the same problem for several weeks now. I
have a beige G3 with a Rage Pro video chip, using a self-built kernel, there's

> #
> # Console display driver support
> #
> # CONFIG_FONTS is not set
> and
> # CONFIG_FB_ATY128 is not set

   in my config file, and /proc/fb has

> # cat /proc/fb
> 0 ATY Mach64
> 1 VGA16 VGA

   With this configuration and a command line of

> root=/dev/hda1 ro video=atyfb:vmode:14,cmode:32,mclk:63

   ...I needed to set a serial console or it wouldn't boot. Once it had
booted, however, I got the usual virtual consoles and everything
worked fine.

   Today I discovered that, if I explicitly set tty1 as a console in
the command line:

> root=/dev/hda1 ro video=atyfb:vmode:14,cmode:32,mclk:63 console=tty1

   then everything works as expected, and I get the usual messages on
the screen while it boots.

   How does the kernel usually know what to use for a console if it's
not defined on the command line?

Ron Murray   (rjmx@rjmx.net)
GPG Public Key Fingerprint: F2C1 FC47 5EF7 0317 133C  D66B 8ADA A3C4 D86C 74DE

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