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2.6.8 kernel issues

Thanks to everybody who posted in response to my earlier question about 
resizing partitions. It was successful and my Linux partition has breathing 
room again. :)

Once I got the partition freed up, I decided to use LVM2, so I built 2.6.8. 
Everything works except for two items. First, at boot, nothing appears after 
the openfirmware prompt until gdm starts. Which is fine, unless something 
goes wrong (like the time that my fstab was wrong, and it tried to go into 
single user mode...But I couldn't see it. On my i386 boxes (running 2.6.7), I 
get boot messages, and if I boot 2.4, I get them.

The other thing is that I seem to have lost my consoles. I tried to 
ctrl-alt-f1, and the screen was a partial ghost image of the gdm login, and I 
couldn't get back to the gdm login.

Did I miss something on the kernel config?
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