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Re: 2.6.8 kernel issues

On Thu, Sep 16, 2004 at 10:23:18PM -0400, Bradley M Alexander wrote:
> Thanks to everybody who posted in response to my earlier question about 
> resizing partitions. It was successful and my Linux partition has breathing 
> room again. :)
> Once I got the partition freed up, I decided to use LVM2, so I built 2.6.8. 
> Everything works except for two items. First, at boot, nothing appears after 
> the openfirmware prompt until gdm starts. Which is fine, unless something 
> goes wrong (like the time that my fstab was wrong, and it tried to go into 
> single user mode...But I couldn't see it. On my i386 boxes (running 2.6.7), I 
> get boot messages, and if I boot 2.4, I get them.
> The other thing is that I seem to have lost my consoles. I tried to 
> ctrl-alt-f1, and the screen was a partial ghost image of the gdm login, and I 
> couldn't get back to the gdm login.
> Did I miss something on the kernel config?

Is this a self-build kernel or a kernel-image from Debian?  It looks
like you're missing a framebuffer driver, what does "cat /proc/fb" from
a xterm say?

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