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Testing newoldworld pmac miboot 2.6 floppies

Sven Luther wrote:
> > Oh, and btw, I'm just installing my oldworld 4400/200 mac with d-i and the
> > daily built 2.4-floppy images (with root.img and root-2.img) and it seems to
> > work fine - right now. I'll keep you informed in another mail.
> BTW, as of tomorrows build, the 2.6 images should be fine also.

The 2.6 images now fit on a physical floppy, so that's good. Unfortunately, the resulting floppy doesn't boot on my G3.  It reads and gives me a tux-mac icon, but when it gets to the end the screen colors invert, and it just sits there.  No text screen.  The boot floppy doesn't eject.  When I eject it manually, feed it the "root" floppy, and hit <return>, nothing happens -- specifically, it doesn't start reading the root floppy.  This same behavior happens for both the "boot" and "ofonlyboot" floppies.

Meanwhile, back at the 2.4 ranch...

The 2.4 boot floppy read, switched to text mode, asked for root, which read, asked for language (English), then gave me a blue screen which lasted for more than a minute.  I switched to the F2 console, killed 4 processes: "udpkg --configure --force-configure countrychooser", two more "countrychooser", and "grep US" [this may be a clue].  Back on the main menu on F1 console, I told it to "load drivers" and fed it the "root-2". It read that and decoded it, then put me in the country chooser screen (not blue, this time) I chose "US".  [possible clue:  There is probably a file (the one the "grep US" was looking for) that is on the "root-2" floppy, but is needed by the country chooser, so should be on the "root" floppy...]

It asked for an ethernet driver.  The 8139too wasn't listed so I said "none of the above" to get it to read the net-drivers floppy.  It did, and things continued normally til we got to choose a mirror.  I chose "ftp.us.debian.org" but it didn't ask for protocol type or debian version, and when it tried to read stuff, I got the "no driver modules" message.  I hit "go back" and re-did the mirror choice (presumably at lower priority).  This time it did ask for Debian version.  I said "unstable", and it proceeded without problems until it got to the partitioner.

As with previous attempts, the partitioner said "no disks found".  Also as with previous attempts, poking around on the F2 console shows that it really hasn't found any disks.

Back at the main menu, I changed installer priority to "low", and re-ran detect hardware.  It said "unable to load some modules" listing: ide-scsi, ide-mod, ide-probe-mod, ide-detect, ide-generic, ide-floppy.  Presumably one of those is needed to get it to see my IDE disk.

Just for fun, I did a "modprobe mesh", and re-ran detect hardware.  This time it found my SCSI ZIP disk, and offered to partition it for me. I declined and rebooted to write up this report.

Hope this helps!


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