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konsole problem

Hi there debian-powerpc people.

I'm new to debian, but must say I'm really impressed with how easy it
was to install sarge on my iMac - great stuff! Still a few things to
sort out but it's great fun.  Anyway I have a small problem:

I am using Gnome as my desktop environment, but was running konsole as a

My problem is that since this morning, konsole has started up fine but
it just hangs with a curser at the top of the screen, and doesn't give
me a prompt.  It is weird because it was working on the weekend.  I have
updated some packages using aptitude (and I can't really remember which
ones they were), so I don't really know how to pinpoint the problem. 
Other xterms (like Gnome Terminal 2.6.1) work fine, so it is specific to
konsole.  I can't see any konsole-specific login scripts that it is
getting stuck on.  The only thing I have noticed is that during startup
of konsole, there are many many warnings like the following:

kdecore (KIconLoader): WARNING: Icon directory /usr/share/icons/Gorilla/
group scalable/emblems not valid.

saved in .xsession-errors, or in the terminal if I run konsole from an

Anyway, has anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
David Orlovich.

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