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* Re: kernel 2.6.7: now cdrom problem

>So, to solve your prob using 2.6:
>modprobe -vr ide_scsi sd_mod scsi_mod

thanx, that helped
scsi_mod did not disturb th cdrom, and i think, i might need it for my external scsi-hd

>Don't forget to remove the ide-scsi entries in grub/menu.lst
>(lilo.conf) or/and remove it out of /etc/modules.

well, i think, it is inserted by discover
it sais somthing like that during bootup
how to mark a module as not to be loaded ?
in yaboot.conf ?

and, another question about yaboot - how to have two linux systems with different root systems and macos running ?


p.s. please cc to me, i am not on the list, it is just too big
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