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Re: Laptop Mode

On Wed, Sep 15, 2004 at 08:04:37PM +0200, Matthias Grimm wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 15. September 2004 15:32 schrieb christophe barbe:
> > > The laptop-mode-tools don't run out-of-the-box on powerpc machines yet.
> > > You need to make the connection from laptop-mode-tools to your power
> > > management daemon by hand. In your case you have to add some lines in
> > > pwctrl-local:
> >
> > This is WRONG.
> I'm sorry to contradict you and I would also understand you if you didn't CRY.

I was not crying , I was making sure that your readers will not stay with
a wrong information.

First I should say that I am a laptop-mode-tools user and the sponsor
for the package (So I have regular close looks at the package).

Right now I don't have much time to explain in details but suffice
to say that it already works with pbbuttonsd (via
/etc/power/event.d/apmd-compat if I remember correctly) but some scripts
(bdflush and hdsetup) need to be disabled IMHO because they interact
with laptop-mode.

> > laptop-mode-tools works out of the box on all architectures. The main
> > purpose of the package is to set the laptop-mode automatically (to
> > integrate it in debian).
> Following is a part of the bug report to pmud from laptop-mode-tools author 
> Bart Samwel:
> "I've got a patch to pmud that makes it execute, in addition to
> pwrctl-local, all files in the directory /etc/power/pwrctl.d. I need this
> because I'm working on laptop-mode-tools, and I can't find a failsafe way
> to hook into events provided by pmud like I can with apmd and acpid."
> This means that the laptop-mode-tools won't connect to any power management 
> daemon running on powerpc. Due to this laptop-mode-tools won't run 
> out-of-the-box on powerpc machines, right? You need to add the command to the 
> control script by hand. Otherwise laptop mode wouldn't be changed if power 
> source changed. That the laptop-mode-script must also be lauched at boot time 
> is only a workaround for insufficient quality of the PM-daemons.
> > In Bryan case, I am not sure. Perhaps '/etc/init.d/laptop-mode start'
> > needs to be invoked once if he has not restarted his computer since he
> > installed laptop-mode-tools.
> IMHO laptop-mode is a dynamic option that must adapt to changing conditions. 
> This can only be done in conjunction with a power management daemon. Anything 
> else doesn't make much sense.
>  Best Regards
>    Matthias
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