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Re: Resizing PPC partitions

On Wed 09/15/04 23:55, Pander wrote:
Talking about HFS+ partitions, I have one which rarely mounts as
read-write, usually is is read-only file-system because there is
apparently someting wrong with the partition. It suggests running fsck,
but that results in this:

# fsck /dev/hda14
fsck 1.35 (28-Feb-2004)
fsck: fsck.hfsplus: not found
fsck: Error 2 while executing fsck.hfsplus for /dev/hda14

This there a way to do a fsck (perhaps in OSX)? for PPC partitions?

Yeah, in OSX open "Disk Utility", select the propper partition and click
"Repair Disk". But, its most likely just that you've mounted it 32+
times, us hpmount to mount it. This will probably fail, but allow you to
mount it using mount. Alternativly, you can use hpfsck from the
'hfsplus' package, but I've never needed to do that.


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