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Removing OSX partitions to get GNU/Linux only system

Hi all,

I would like to get rid off all the disc partitions used by OSX and only leave Debian on my system. I wnat to stop using hfsplus partition since they are not as fast as ext2 or ext3 and fsck.hfsplus is not existing. On top of that I rarely use OSX since the applications are so much slower that the ones proved by Debian.

What is the best way to go about this?

I have a PowerBook G4 with 40GB disc with the GNU/Linux partitions at the end:
/dev/hda11	4GB /
/dev/hda12	swap
/dev/hda13	10GB /home

Here are the steps I plan to take but have some questions, perhaps somebody can comment on them:

- backup user and specefic system data
- remove all the OSX related partitions (can this be done by a Debian tool or can this only be done by OSX partition editor which one can use when booting command line from the install DVD?) - move root and swap partition (what is the best way to do this, create new partitions and copy the data or is there a way to move these partitons over the disc?) - grow /home partition (again, is it better to move all my data off the system to another machine, create a huge partition and move it back or is there a way to grow the partition?) - alter open firmware to go directly to yaboot, now it asks me to boot OSX of GNU/Linux, this was set by Debian installer (how do I get this to go directly to yaboot only and not ask or time-out?)

Perhaps there are more people with experience in this and we could collect this info for a mini-HOWTO or just put it on a webpage so people can move easily from a dualboot OSX-GNU/Linux to GNU/Linux only system and get the most out of the hardware.



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