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Re: Removing OSX partitions to get GNU/Linux only system


Pander writes:

> I would like to get rid off all the disc partitions used by OSX and
> only leave Debian on my system.
> What is the best way to go about this?

> - remove all the OSX related partitions (can this be done by a Debian
> tool or can this only be done by OSX partition editor which one can
> use when booting command line from the install DVD?)

Just delete their entries from the partition table (mac-fdisk).

> - move root and swap partition (what is the best way to do this,
> create new partitions and copy the data or is there a way to move
> these partitons over the disc?)

Create a new root partition of approximately the correct size
(mac-fdisk) at the start of the disk, initialise it (mkfs.<your
favourite filesystem>) and copy the data over (cp, dump/restore, tar,
rsync, whatever).  Create (mac-fdisk) and initialise (mkswap) the new
swap partition directly behind the new root partition.

> - grow /home partition (again, is it better to move all my data off
> the system to another machine, create a huge partition and move it
> back or is there a way to grow the partition?)

Create a new home partition directly behind the new swap partition,
and copy the data over just like you did for the root partition.
Leave the old partitions in place, and worry about growing your home
partition later.

> - alter open firmware to go directly to yaboot, now it asks me to boot
> OSX of GNU/Linux, this was set by Debian installer (how do I get this
> to go directly to yaboot only and not ask or time-out?)

It's ofboot.b asking the question, not Open Firmware.  Remove the line
starting with macosx= from /etc/yaboot.conf and re-run ybin.

Now comes the plunge.  While deleting, creating, and moving partitions
you have almost certainly changed partition numbers.  Find out what
numbers your new root, swap, and home partitions got.  Adjust
/etc/fstab and /etc/yaboot.conf, and re-run ybin.  Reboot.

If all went well, you should be back with the very same system as
before, but running from the new partitions.  Convince yourself this
is really the case.  Delete your old partitions, delete the home
partition and re-create it to start at the same point as before but
occupying the whole free space (mac-fdisk).  Reboot to update the
in-kernel partition table.  Grow the home filesystem to cover all of
the new enlarged partition (the utility depends on the filesystem you

Regards, Jens.

J'qbpbe, le m'en fquz pe j'qbpbe!
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